Frequently Asked Embroidery Questions

Can you embroidery on any material?

Standard materials for embroidery include cotton, polyester, cotton/poly blends, softshells, puffy jackets, wool, linen, canvas and knit material. In general we can embroidery any material that that is thin enough to pass a needle through. We do not embroidery on leather or plastic.

Is there any material that is too thin for embroidery?

For very thin materials and some t shirt fabric, higher stitch count logos tend to come out poorly. We recommend choosing material greater than 3.8oz weight for most designs. If you have questions about a particular item, bring it by and we can take a look!

What size should my logo be?

Any time we setup a new logo, we are happy to make sizing and design recommendations that conform to any corporate branding guidelines you may have. Logo sizes depend mostly on the type of apparel and location that we are decorating. Typical sizing for hat logos is around 2″ tall by 3-4″ wide, sizing for left or right chest logo is most often up to 4″ wide, and typical full back logos for jackets or sweatshirts is around 10″ – 12″ wide. If you have questions about what size logo will work best for you, upload your logo here and we can take a look.

Can any artwork or design work for embroidery?

Embroidery is a great imprint method for all kinds of designs, from single color to full color, small hat logos to much larger designs on blankets or jackets. Embroidery does have some size limitations – we recommend a minimum size for letters to be around 1/4″ tall, and find that highly detailed logos at smaller sizes are more likely to come out well with another imprint method like screen printing. Additionally, very large logos with a high stitch count can increase in cost quickly. We can make recommendations for you anytime if you’d like to send us your design.

Do I have to have a digitized logo to get something embroidered?

Yes. Embroidery quality starts with the digitized file. We take pride in our high quality digitizing services so that you get the quality you desire. Digitizing is a process of converting your artwork into a format which our embroidery machines can use, and it’s the quality of the digitization which makes a BIG difference to the final result.

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